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Heart of Africa Foundation

Our lodge is affiliated with Heart of Africa Foundation’s Sion Center, which supports orphan girls and women in our community. We offer cultural activities of many kinds, including visiting with the girls and meeting the women in our Creative Community program.

How can you help?

1. Just by visiting:
By staying at our lodge, you allow us to direct a percentage of our profits to provide for our young girls’ education and empowerment, ensuring they have food, clothing, shelter, school fees, and a home where they are cared for in a loving family environment. Buy from our shop: Whether you purchase our signature heart bags or other keepsakes, 100% of the profit goes back to support both the women in our Creative Community Program. This allows them to make an income for their families and the orphan girls in our Sion Center.

2. Donate Direct:
Your donation, large or small, makes a huge difference! If you would like to donate directly to Heart of Africa Foundation, you can do so here.


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